HEAR NOW’s 10th-Anniversary Festival




The Virtues of the Virtual –

Featuring 27 New and Recent Compositions

HEAR NOW 2021 FESTIVAL of New Music by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers, in collaboration with People Inside Electronics. Will showcase fabulous chamber music, mind-boggling electroacoustic music, performed by some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians, including the resident ensembles: The Lyris Quartet, Brightwork newmusic, and HEX vocal ensemble. September 23 – 26, and October 1-3.  The seven, 50-minute programs will be broadcast over YouTubePremiere at 7:00 pm PST each evening.

Hugh Levick commented, “We are very excited about how these recordings look and sound, and we are looking forward to being able to share them with you. Since June the fabulous videographer, Louis Ng, has been recording HEAR NOW 2021. We’re thrilled to present this year’s HEAR NOW commission by Nina Shekhar entitled “Bye-Bye Baby” for string quartet. Each program is about 50-minutes and each piece is preceded by a 1–2-minute introduction by the composer. Written program notes and musicians’ credits will be part of the YouTube newly recorded presentation.

“The twenty-seven compositions in HEAR NOW 2021 have been generated by the inner need of the artists, and in this moment when fear, calculation and uncertainty are pervasive this music will be experienced for what it is—audible luminosity! 

“The online concerts will be free because we refuse to have a paywall standing between the music and our audience. We want as many people as possible to experience this music.”

Thursday, September 23 Concert

Thomas Kotcheffwgah’nagl fhtagn

Theodore HaberFor the sake of Forgetting

Alexander E. MillerFinding Breath 

Hitomi ObaFifteenth (LA premiere)

Friday, September 24 Concert

John WilliamsConversations 

Arash MajdMetamorphose

Gernot WolfgangEvery Second Counts (world premiere)

Brandon J. Rolleimpulse (LA premiere)

Saturday, September 25 Concert

Benjamin WebsterLiguria

Nicholas DeyoeNCTRN 3 

Vera IvanovaElectrostatic Whale 

Leanna PrimianiHoly Order: Shaker Dances

Sunday, September 26 Concert

Joseph PereiraMichelangelo Fragments

Abigail JohnsonAcoustic Letter Generator

John Eaglecanal(s) (WC premiere)

Nina Shekharrockabye-bye (HEAR NOW commission) (world premiere)

Friday, October 1 Concert

William KraftEncounters III 

Niloufar ShiriSarab 

JP MerzSestina (after Pound) (WC premiere)

Timothy PetersonTalk It Out (WC premiere)

Saturday, October 2 Concert

Jack Van ZandtEl Oro de los Tigres (US premiere)

Hugh LevickPrayer (world premiere)

Jane MeenaghanSomatic

Moni Jasmine Guo – Fallen Skin, Flying Wings

Sunday, October 3 Concert

Peter KnellThree California Landscapes (String Quartet No. 2)

Sarah GibsonIntertwine (LA premiere) 

David HarrisRing of Bone 

HEAR NOW Music Festival promotes the breadth and diversity of concert music being written by composers living in and associated with the LA area by presenting concerts and informative activities of high artistic quality to the general public. HEAR NOW strives to achieve equity and inclusiveness by reaching out in an Open Call to all composers in the area.


Hugh Levick, Artistic Director

Peter Knell, Associate Artistic Director

Joseph Pereira, Associate Artistic Director

Vicki Ray, Associate Artistic Director

Heidi Lesemann, General Manager

Dallas Howard, Assistant Director

Timothy Loo and Aron Kallay, Musicians Contractors

Esa-Pekka Salonen, Honorary Artistic Director of Hear Now.

Jen Wang and Isaac Schankler are co-Artistic Directors of People Inside Electronics

HEAR NOW is supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, The Amphion Foundation, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts and Culture, the State of California Small Business Association Covid Relief Grant and individual contributions.

In response to Covid-19 our 2020 festival was canceled. Please enjoy our 2020 E-Festival featuring pieces from the last 10 years!

Canceled 2020 Festival Program:

April 23rd — UCLA Orchestra Concert — 8:00PM — Free Concert

Featuring UCLA Philharmonia with Neal Stulberg conducting & Nathalie Bonin, violin

UCLA – Schoenberg Hall, 445 Charles E. Young Dr. E. Los Angeles

CATCHPHRASE  — Ian Dicke (WC Premiere)

INCLUSION — Hugh Levick (World Premiere)


“FIRE” from The Great Circle — Jeff Beal

TAKHT — Saad Haddad (WC Premiere)


UNLEASH — Mark Weiser (World Premiere)

ANDRONICUS – for violin and orch. — Jairo Duarte-Lopez (World Premiere)

April 24th – Electroacoustic Concert – 8:00PM


Featuring BRIGHTWORK newmusic

Throop Unitarian Universalist Church, Throop Hall

300 S. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena

SESTINA (AFTER POUND) — violin and electronics —  JP Merz (WC Premiere)

ELECTROSTATIC WHALE — bass clarinet and electronic — Vera Ivanova

CANALS — clarinet, violin, cello, piano — John Eagle (WC Premiere)

FINDING BREATH — violin, piano and electronics — Alexander E. Miller


RING OF BONE  — vocal sextet — David Harris (WC Premiere)

IMPULSE – viola and electronics — viola and electronic — Brandon Rolle (LA Premiere)

SOMATIC — string quartet and electronics — Jane Meenaghan

April 30th — Chamber Concert 1 — 8:00PM — Free Concert


5151 State University Dr., Los Angeles

UN RIO   violin & contralto —Peter Knell

HOLY ORDER SHAKER DANCES   oboe, violin, cello, piano — Leanna Primiani

FIFTEENTH   soprano & string quartet —Hitomi Oba (LA Premiere)

ORBIT E    flute, clarinet, cello, piano —Russell Steinberg (WC premiere)

SARAB  –  string quartet —Niloufar Shiri

SONG OF HAFEZ  soprano, piano, flute, violin, viola, cello — David Lefkowitz

SOGNARE VIGNETTE   clarinet, cello, piano — Nicole Brady

METAMORPHOSE  flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, cello, piano — Arash Majd

May 1st — Chamber Concert 2 — 8:00PM — Free Concert

Los Angeles City College — Herb and Lani Alpert Recital Hall

855 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles

LIGURIA — string quartet  — Benjamin Webster (WC Premiere)

FOR THE SAKE OF FORGETTING   piano, glockenspiel, violin, cello Theodore Haber

OBSIDIAN  — piano, string quintet —Sakari D. Vanderveer

ZENSPIEL — solo soprano, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, piano — Vicki Ray

FALLEN SKIN, FLYING WINGS — clarinet, violin, cello — Moni Jasmine Guo (World Premiere)

WGAH’ NAGL FHTAGN — 4 hands piano & toy piano — Thomas Kotcheff

May 2nd – Chamber Concert 3 – 8:00PM


815 Venice Blvd., Venice

CHACONNE PART 1  — flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion — John Kennedy

EL ORO DE LOS TIGRES —soprano, A clarinet, harp, cello — Jack Van Zandt (US Premiere)

CONVERSATIONS  — solo piano — John Williams

HEAR NOW COMMISSION — string quartet — Nina Shekhar (World Premiere)

ACOUSTIC LETTER GENERATOR  — trumpet, cello — Abigail Johnson

while twigs make minor adjustments —soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano — Kevin Zhang (LA Premiere)

e il naufragar m e dolce in questo mare — violin, viola, percussion, piano — Sean Heim

May 3rd — Chamber Music — 5:00PM


815 Venice Blvd., Venice

ENCOUNTERS III  — trumpet, percussion — William Kraft

MUSAS MEXICANAS  — piano, string quartet — Juan Pablo Contreras

DUO  — soprano, double bass — Sarah Gibson (LA Premiere)

EVERY SECOND COUNTS  — bassoon, cello, piano — Gernot Wolfgang (World premiere)

NCTRN 3  — amplified piccolo — Nicholas Deyoe

TALK IT OUT  — alto sax, piano, drum kit — Timothy Peterson (WC Premiere)