HN Collaborative Commission


Ursula Krummel Commission

Since 2019, Hear Now has regularly commissioned and premiered works by LA composers. At present, Hear Now awards two commissions annually: the Ursula Krummel Commission and the HN Collaborative Commission.

Ursula C. Krummel, an avid patron of Hear Now, offered to sponsor a commission to a Los Angeles composer for the Hear Now Festival. She generously left Hear Now a bequest that underwrites this annual commission in her name.

In 2022, Hear Now branched out to offer a second annual commission, the HN Collaborative Commission, which results in a multidisciplinary work by an LA composer created in collaboration with an artist in another performing or visual art discipline, including Dance, Performance Art, Installation Art, or Film.

These commissions (currently $5,000 each) are awarded through a nominating process conducted by the HN Artistic Review Committee, which consists of composers, conductors, educators, critics, designers, and artists from various disciplines, including musicians and soundscape designers selected from inside and outside the Hear Now musical family. Members of the Committee propose LA-based composers and collaborating artists they believe are worthy of an HN Commission. After much discussion, a review of the artists’ entire opus, and conversations with the artists about their plans and intentions, the Committee convenes for final selections and awards a commission by unanimous consensus.

The works commissioned by the Committee premiere in well-publicized professional stagings at the HN Festival. 

HN Commissions to date

In the works

Past commissions

Multidisciplinary 2023
(HN Collaborative Commission)

Trash Moon

by Christopher Richmond, artist and videographer
Brandon J. Rolle, composer

Krummel 2023: Continuum: Cause & Effect by Arash Majd, composer

Multidisciplinary (HN Collaborative Commission) 2022: Otherwise by Storyboard P choreographer/dancer; Hugh Levick, composer

Krummel 2019: Rockabye Bye for String Quartet by Nina Shekhar, composer. The premiere was scheduled for Festival 2020, which was cancelled due to COVID. In 2021 Hear Now recorded all the works selected for 2020, including Rockabye Bye, which was given its premiere online.