HEAR NOW Thursdays

Originally brought on by COVID-19, this series is a weekly showcase of performances across our 11-year history. We hope you enjoy listening back through the decade.

Composed by Hugh Levick
Performed by: Tereza Stanislav, violin
El Oro De Los Tigres
Composed by Jack Van Zandt
Performed by: Kirsten Wiest, soprano
Brian Walsh, clarinet in A
Alison Bjorkedal, harp
Cecilia Tsan, cello
Conducted by Anthony Parnther
Talk It Out
Composed by Timothy Peterson
Performed by:
Damon Zick, alto sax
Nic Gerpe, piano
Trevor Anderies, drum kit
Sestina after Pound
Composed by JP Merz
Performed by:
Shalini Vijayan, violin
Composed by Niloufar Shiri
Performed by:
Alyssa Park, violin
Shalini Vijayan, violin
Luke Maurer, viola
Timothy Loo, cello
Encounters III
Composed by William Kraft
Performed by:
Jon Lewis, trumpet
Wade Culbreath, percussion
Composed by Brandon Rolle
Performed by:
Colleen Sugata, viola
Brandon Rolle, electronics
Every Second Counts
Composed by Gernot Wolfgang
Performed by:
Judy Farmer, bassoon
Mike Kaufman, cello
Nic Gerpe, piano
Composed by Arash Majd
Performed by:
Sarah Wass, flute
Brian Walsh, bass clarinet
Dustin Donahue, vibraphone
Shalini Vijayan, violin
Charles Tyler, cello
Aron Kallay, piano
Finding Breath
Composed by Alexander Elliot Miller
Performed by:
Alex Russell, violin
Rafael Liebich, piano
Alexander Elliott Miller, electronics
For the Sake of Forgetting
Composed By: Theodore Haber
Performed by:
Iryna Krechkovsky, violin
Ross Gasworth, cello
Kevin Loucks, piano
Eddie Meneses, glockenspiel/snare drum
Composed by Hitomi Oba
Performed by:
Harriet Fraser, soprano
Sarah Thornblade, violin 1
Adrianne Pope, violin 2
Emily Williams, viola
Julie Jung, cello
wgah’nagl fhtagn
Composed by Thomas Kotcheff
Performed by:
– Hocket –
Thomas Kotcheff and Sarah Gibson, piano