Our 13th Festival — April 2024

HEAR NOW Music Festival 2024

April 24-28

Electroacoustic Music with People Inside Electronics
Three Chamber Music Concerts
and our biennial Orchestra Concert with the UCLA Philharmonia

In addition to HEAR NOW’s extraordinary resident ensembles—Lyris Quartet, Brightwork Ensemble, HEX and other stunningly talented Los Angeles musicians, we are extremely honored that the International Contemporary Ensemble will be traveling from New York City to perform the works of Los Angeles composers in HEAR NOW 2024.

Five concerts will take place at three spectacular LA venues: FRANKIE in the Arts District, 2220 on the edge of Hollywood, and historic Schoenberg Hall on the UCLA campus.

With multiple World, West Coast, Live, and Los Angeles premieres, a diverse array of 29 local composers, and some of the most innovative and dynamic performers in new music, you won’t want to miss this incredible series.

2024 Programs

APRIL 24 @ 2220 Arts & Archives — ELECTROACOUSTIC+ CONCERT

Alexander E. Miller — Antibodypolitic: Running Spring
Kion Heidari — In Waves
Isaac Io Schankler — Because Patterns/Deep State
John M. Kennedy — Drones, Improvisations, Refrains
James Leelayuvat — black_may
Jack Herscowitz — a place without language or streets
Daniel Corral — Eikosany Study

APRIL 25 @ 2220 Arts & Archives — CHAMBER CONCERT I

Ryan McWilliams — Trio Contraptions
Madeline Barrett — Softly Speaks the Wind
Oscar Pan — Le Train
Feona Lee Jones — Adrenaline
Jeonghyeon Joo — octet
Donald Crockett — Traveling Symphony

APRIL 26 @ FRANKIE — CHAMBER CONCERT II with International Contemporary Ensemble

Kay Rhie — In the dreams of another
Jeremy Dávalos — A Prayer Amidst the Chaos
Mu-Xuan Lin — Double Jeopardy
Joseph Pereira — Glimpse II

APRIL 27 @ FRANKIE — CHAMBER CONCERT III with International Contemporary Ensemble

Andrew Moses — Nobject-Catoptriarch-Umbration
Michael M. Lee — Danse Macabre
J.M. Gerraughty — Fougère
Corey Dundee — Triboluminescence
Jeffrey Holmes — Hagall

APRIL 28 @ Schoenberg Hall — ORCHESTRA CONCERT with UCLA Philharmonia and Neal Stulberg, conductor

Thea Musgrave — Orfeo V
Ella Kaale — seawall blvd.
Jack Van Zandt — From th’ Ethereal Skie
Juhi Bansal — Songs from the Deep
Akari Komura — Inhabited by air
George Lewis — Lonnie and Lonie

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