Audience Reviews from our 2013 concerts

What the audience said about HN 2013:

It was really good. i liked it alot. the pieces were varied and unique. there wasnt one i didnt like. of course i had my very favorites. it was balanced. the time was right. there is nothing i would criticize about it. and i particularly liked the program notes too.

Kathy Solomon

I was at the Saturday Hear Now. I thought it was an excellent concert – much enhanced from the last festival. What comes to mind are several things: the length was perfect. .. made the concert more of an enticement into new music. I thought, also, that the programming flowed nicely and naturally – the pacing was thoughtful and placed the music in a good context to be fully appreciated and comprehended by the audience.

Of course, the performances were outstanding which has been a consistent feature of Hear Now. There was also a real bonding of the audience with each other and with the composers and performers which is, for me, a special kind of magic that happens at really good concerts in which the audience is enthralled with what is being given to them – I think this is a good litmus test for the success of a concert. I could see and feel people really connecting with each – having an exciting, shared experience that brought them together.

Stephen Cohn

The pacing and energy of the program held my interest throughout, from beginning to end. The variety of new compositions and the extraordinary performances were for me quite satisfying. Bravo!! Bravo!!

Bob Burchman

It was great! ( a cookie at intermission would be nice )

Gayle Lewis

I personally loved the first piece the most, violin and guitar I believe. And the lovely soprano with the gorgeous voice with the piano sounds was sheer torture for me. I was sure it would be a short novelty sort of exploration/experimentation thing but instead it went on and on and ON. I had to reach for my ear plugs—it was painful. Those were the best and the worst–for me. I guess I’d prefer to be nameless since my comment is negative…There were other pieces I enjoyed but those stood out!


We enjoyed attending HEAR NOW 2013 and wished we could have attended the Sunday program as well. We’ve always preferred listening to good music in sacred spaces and hope that you will find another similar venue for 2014. And we appreciated that your programming included an assortment of New Music styles: atonal, lyrical and minimal.

Sam and Elena Erenberg

I enjoyed the concerts enormously. It gave me an opportunity to become more familiar with the different composers which is important. Looking forward to future concerts.

Jean Edelstein

We really enjoyed the series. Congratulations on putting together such an exciting constellation of works.

Sherie Scheer

C’etait une tres belle soirée grace aux talents de ces jeunes musiciens. d’etre au premier rang m’a donne la chance de pouvoir etre tout a fait investie dans la musique sans distraction. merci de tout coeur et un grand bravo.

Anne Laval

I so enjoyed the HEAR NOW Festival this year. Every composition was interesting and exciting, and the musicians were world class, to say the least!

Andrea Cockrum

Congratulations on putting together such an exciting constellation of works.

Melvin Scheer

HEAR NOW is a wonderful creation. As attested by last weekend’s program, there are many gifted contemporary artists!

Great 2 days!

Richard Horowitz

I enjoyed the Saturday evening concert and I am sorry that I was not able to attend both evenings. My loss. On Saturday evening I very much enjoyed the young pianist and composer who opened the evening. His piece and performance made me “hear” the piano in an expanded way. I liked all the other pieces and performances … The best part of the evening for me was discovering new works and being part of a very interested audience.

Robin Mitchell