2018 HEAR NOW Music Festival lineup

HEAR NOW 2018 Festival of New Music by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers

April 26, 27, 28, and 29

THURSDAY, 8 PM April 26

UCLA Philharmonia, conducted by Neal Stulberg

Night Train, Benedikt Brydern

Lines/Angles, Peter Knell

Thank You for Waiting, A.J. McCaffrey

Tjur, Jeffrey Holmes

Salmagundi, Bruce Broughton

FRIDAY, 8 PM April 27

People Inside Electronics (P.I.E.)

New Age, Isaac Schankler

clarity, Timothy Johnson

Internal States, Tom Flaherty

Stellar Remnants, Ellen Reid

This Time Around, Federico Llach

Environmental Disasters, Hugh Levick

SATURDAY, 8 PM April 28

Chamber Concert

Malambo, Miguel del Aguila

Scale 9, Sean Friar

Sarabande, Eric Byers

Amtrak 71, Phillip Golub

The Vast Sea, Fahad Siadat

O Mary: a prayer for the year of the insane, Pamela Madsen

tiny, tangled world, Sarah Gibson

Abjoyndon Crest, Patrick O’Malley

SUNDAY, 5 PM April 29

Chamber Concert

Route 33, Gernot Wolfgang

Und Heute, Fünf Schwäne, William Roper

Hourglass, Tomàs Peire Serrate

Is Money Money, Anne LeBaron

Encounters XII, William Kraft

Bridges of Love, mats 2 & 3, Sharon Farber

see everything the sun glow, Andrew Moses