Hear Now and The Harmony Project

Quotes from students and teachers with The Harmony Project:

Students from The Harmony Project with Hear Now composers and musicians. Photo by Melba Levick.

April 30th, 2018 – Hear Now Workshop Reflections

“I really enjoyed that the composer introduced his piece and the meaning behind the piece; it’s not everyday that you can meet a living composer.” –Vianey Calixto, age 16, has been playing cello for 8 years at The Harmony Project

“I have never experienced a workshop presentation by a violin/viola duo or a quartet. I play the cello and I’m currently working on, “Concerto per 2 Cellos” by Antonio Vivaldi. I learned how to listen more carefully to one another and the importance of our respective parts.” –Kevin Huerta, age 16, has been playing cello for 8 years at The Harmony Project

“I enjoyed and felt the energy from the performers. The composer really expressed what he felt in his piece and it is a true testament to how they feel about music.” –Carley Orteza, age 17, has been playing cello for 9 years at The Harmony Project

May 3rd, 2018 – Concert at UCLA

  • “I’m grateful I had the opportunity to go to the field trip to UCLA to see the performances. I was excited because I have never visited the UCLA campus. My favorite performance of the Hear Now Festival was, “Und Heute, Fünf Schwäne” by William Roper. Specifically, how Mr. William was able to explain his inspiration for the piece and he connected it back to how it relates to the present political sphere.” –Vianey Calixto, age 16, has been playing cello for 8 years at The Harmony Project
The UCLA Philharmonia with Lyris Quartet at Hear Now Festival 2018. Photo: HCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

“I loved that the students had a chance to be exposed to more contemporary music. I thought having the composers provide insight prior to the kids listening was perfect and really helped guide them through the music that is so conceptual. All the students I spoke to enjoyed it.” –Marta Honer, Harmony Project Violin/Viola Teaching Artist “The Hear Now Festival provides a space for creativity and brings artists together. It also plays a pivotal role in providing music education to youth in Los Angeles through their workshops, all while building a sense of community engagement.” –Ashley Ruiz, Harmony Project Alexandria Program Manager