Jeremy Dávalos

Jeremy Dávalos (b. 1999) is a composer, trumpet player, recording engineer, and video editor based in the Los Angeles area.

As a composer, Jeremy writes music that experiments at the stylistic intersection of contemporary classical music and modern jazz, all to create deeply emotional musical experiences unique to each performance. His music melds the highly specific formal development and timbral exploration of the former with the use of improvisation and trust in the individual performer’s musicianship from the latter to explore the possibilities of this intersection.

He has received two commissions from the Impulse New Music Festival, where he collaborated with Brightwork New Music and other musicians active in the Los Angeles new music scene. His piece Intertwined won first place in the 2022 Iron Composer’s Competition at the Cortona Sessions for New Music, which he’ll be returning to with an Audio/Video Fellowship in 2024. His works have been performed around the greater Los Angeles area, as well as schools and festivals across the United States. He’ll have his first international premiere later this year.

As a performer, Jeremy is dedicated to premiering new works. He recently premiered several new works for brass ensemble by LA composers as a trumpet player in the Los Angeles Brass Alliance, has premiered several new choral works as a baritone at the 2023 NEO Voice Festival, and has premiered works at numerous Southern California Universities in various new music and jazz ensembles. As a freelancer, Jeremy can be found in pit orchestras, horn sections, jazz combos, and churches around Southern California.

Jeremy is also part of the video marketing team at LOTUS Trumpets, a company dedicated to bringing value to the trumpet community both through innovative equipment designs and educational content regarding trumpet technique.